Sundance 2023: “Ricky”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If not every offender who is released from prison, some for sure try to redeem themselves before their loved ones. More importantly, they want to prove to society that they can do better. In certain cases, they succeed easily, but for some, redemption comes at a higher price.

Ricky is just released from prison. He can still go back if he can’t prove to his probation officer that he can find a job. If not successful, at least an attempt should be made. A week is a lifelong timeline for Ricky, but an opportunity comes with his neighbor who offers him a job. He gladly agrees and is willing to start his shift the next morning. Little did he know that the next morning would be the greatest challenge he faced. He has to make the choice – make it right or return to the cell.

Written and directed by Rashad Frett, “Ricky” is not an ordinary tale of a man who will find his fairy tale. Not quite. When Ricky celebrates his freedom with his brother, who promises to give him a ride in the morning, it proves that you cannot rely on others but blaming others for your own mistake is not an option either. Ricky does not do something terrible. But the event that occurs the next day will put him to the test. The fear of going back and being jailed is the worst nightmare for Ricky, but will he remain silent just because silence can buy him freedom?

It’s a sad story of redemption that comes at a certain price. It’s a hard dilemma Ricky must face, but under the circumstances, will he do what is right or remain the person society would expect an ex-offender to be?

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