Sundance 2023: “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I avoid watching documentary films about famous actors or singers. Not because their persona or life is not interesting. It’s just the concept that I am looking for in documentaries does not fit into what documentaries about celebrities can offer. There are some exceptions, of course, and one of them is “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie”, which I had no right to miss.

Davis Guggenheim’s documentary centers around the Michael J. Fox phenomenon, his rise and the point when he realized he had Parkinson’s and how he dealt with it going forward. The entire film is told through the scenes of his work, added by a profound and insightful interview by Michael J. Fox himself, who shares the rest. From the Family Ties to Back to the Future – the star that was born was never meant to fade away – not even with Parkinson, no matter how hard the disease fights against him.

Editing by Elika Rezaee is absolutely top-notch, as if you were watching the actual film performed by actors. Scene by scene, frame by frame, it’s a revelation and heartbreaking at the same time. By far, it’s the most outstanding documentary that showcases the amount of strength Michael J. Fox has as he sits in front of the camera to share his symptoms, his beautiful marriage to Tracy Pullan and his daily hard work towards managing the severe symptoms of Parkinson’s.

It’s not the image of a Michael J. Fox you once knew – but a stronger version, more determined, persistent and courageous. So yes, the documentary does not show his weakness but the strength of what one man can do to live the best of his life despite a condition that limits him as much as it can. Be prepared for an extremely intimate documentary of Michael J. Fox and the tough road he left behind as he continues to conquer it with life-threatening disease as a superhero.

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