The King and the Mockingbird

The kingdom of Takicardie quakes under the rule of the tyrannical King Charles V-et-III-font-VIII-et-VIII-font-XVI, whose favourite pastime is shooting birds. His archenemy is a cheeky mockingbird, whose favourite pastime is thwarting the king’s attempts to shoot birds. One night, a portrait of the king comes to life and disposes of the real king, taking his place. The portrait king falls in love with a young shepherdess in another painting and intends to marry her. But, alas, the shepherdess has fallen in love with a chimneysweep and together they elope from the king’s palace. Enraged, the king sends his police to capture them and once they are within his power he forces the shepherdess to marry him. The mockingbird must use all his guile and courage to once more thwart the king and bring his evil reign to an end.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • L’oiseau (voice): Jean Martin
  • Le ramoneur (voice): Renaud Marx
  • La bergère (voice): Agnès Viala
  • Le roi (voice): Pascal Mazzotti
  • Le belluaire / Le haut hurleur (voice): Albert Médina
  • Le liftier / Le speaker (voice): Philippe Derrez
  • Le chef de la police (voice): Raymond Bussières
  • L’aveugle (voice): Roger Blin
  • Le maire du palais (voice): Claude Piéplu
  • Le sentencieux (voice): Hubert Deschamps
  • (Voice): Jeanne Witta
  • (Voice): Jacques Colombat
  • (Voice): Jean Vimenet
  • (Voice): Lionel Charpy
  • (Voice): Robert Lombard
  • (Voice): Jean Mermet
  • (Voice): Vincent Montrobert
  • (Voice): Pierre Risch
  • (Voice): Bruno Sermonne

Film Crew:

  • Dialogue: Jacques Prévert
  • Novel: Hans Christian Andersen
  • Writer: Paul Grimault
  • Cinematography: Gérard Soirant

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